John Hancock is a nationally recognized provider of financial solutions at every stage of a client's life. Headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices and strategic partners across the country, they offer financial products, including: life insurance, mutual funds, an industry-leading Long-Term Care Rider, retirement plan services, college savings planning, and more.

As a premier insurance carrier for Duncan Advisor Resources, John Hancock delivers education resources and assets. The webinars listed below were designed with you and your client's in mind, to help you make more informed decisions on the products and services and become your client's trusted advisor.

Featured Webinar

Addressing Retirement Challenges with Life Insurance
Now Available OnDemand

Join us for a 20-minute webinar to learn how a “retirement backstop” approach using permanent life insurance can help address some common challenges retirees face, like outliving retirement assets, needing long-term care, and legacy planning. We’ll also go over key risk factors to consider in determining if your clients are retirement ready. Don’t miss this interactive session!

Webinars OnDemand

John Hancock Vitality Webinar
The Life Insurance that’s Taking the Industry by Storm!

Ready to help your clients live longer, healthier lives, while building stronger relationships, generating leads and growing your business? Learn why John Hancock Vitality customers love their life insurance and recommend it 2X more often than traditional life owners, and why almost 9 out of 10 prospective buyers say they would purchase it over other ordinary life products. In just 20 minutes you can learn how this innovative solution could change your life, and your clients' too!

Critical Illness Benefit
Preparing for What You Can’t Predict

Ready to learn how you can offer your clients a new, innovative approach to critical illness coverage? With a lump-sum, income tax-free payment that's separate from — and in addition to — the life insurance benefit, John Hancock’s Critical Illness Benefit rider can help protect your clients throughout their working years from the financial burden associated with a critical illness. Join our experts for a 20-minute webinar about how our Critical Illness Benefit rider offers clients the protection they need.

Electrify Your Sales with Protection UL's Newly Extended Guarantees

Ready to learn how we’ve made Protection UL even more competitive? With newly extended guarantees and some of the lowest rates in the industry, Protection UL is a great alternative to other UL products in the marketplace. Join our experts for a 20-minute webinar about how Protection UL's great protection and unmatched value can give you the competitive advantage.

New Accumulation IUL – Unmatched Income Potential, Strong Downside Protection

We’ve made big – and positive – changes to Accumulation IUL that have improved its competitive position everywhere, especially on short-pays.