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Duncan Walsh Advisors

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DWA provides 14 model investment portfolios to over 130 Investment Advisors of the Duncan Advisor Resources branch within Cambridge Investment Research. The advisors can manage the relationships with their clients, with the confidence that the investment management of their portfolios is under the guidance of Duncan Walsh Advisors.

The History

Dave Duncan and Tom Walsh have each been in the investment business for over 35 years. Each has made managing their respective clients’ investment assets the core of his practice. They met at an industry group in the early 2000’s and became affiliated within a branch of their broker dealer in 2005.

Over the years, each of them has been asked by their fellow advisors, many of whom are more generalist in nature, to partner with them and manage the investment portion of their client accounts. They recognized that Tom and Dave are more focused on investing, have a greater depth of knowledge and experience, and a flat-out passion for the investment of client assets.

In 2013, Tom and Dave decided to formalize these partnership arrangements with other advisors by forming Duncan Walsh Advisors (DWA).

Tom Walsh and Dave Duncan

Why Chose DWA?

DWA offers a suite of managed portfolios appropriate for a range of clients. We rely on your careful assessment of your clients’ risk tolerances, financial circumstances, and long-term goals, all of which help inform your choice of an appropriate portfolio. As your clients’ lives change, you can adjust their investments by selecting a different portfolio.

Our portfolios are carefully weighed against measured targets and allocation goals and balanced accordingly. We create our portfolios and weigh asset classes around a core strategy, not a hot fund. We execute on our strategy by choosing securities which are carefully considered and agreed upon by our Investment Policy Committee.

Ongoing Management

We regularly review our portfolios and track them for how they are performing against key targets. Our methodology includes a range of what we consider to be acceptable.

In managing portfolios, our moves are dictated by the following decision points:

  • Asset Class Selection (Stocks vs. Bonds)
  • Domicile Selection (Foreign vs. Domestic)
  • Capitalization (Large Cap vs. Mid/Small Cap)
  • Style (Growth vs. Value)
  • Foreign Selection (Developed vs. Emerging)
  • Sector/Commodities/Alternatives
  • Bond Selection

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