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  • As a successful third-generation family-run business. We are driven by the success of those who choose to associate with us.
  • As an independent financial advisor and solo practitioner, your work life can feel a lonely and affiliating with a large Broker-Dealer can seem daunting. To combat these feelings, we stand by our motto of “independence without isolation”.
  • Building on years as successful financial advisors, we focus on experience rather than just the theory and offer this to those who associate with us.

Offering a truly unique organization both within Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. and the independent advisor/broker dealer marketplace, we see our job as much greater than simply compliance oversight. While this is required of all financial advisors, how it is provided, what added value is offered and at what price, can be game-changers to how successful you might become in this business.

With a management team that has their own books of business, we can stand beside you understanding what you go through each and every day in your business. Because of this, we believe that providing guidance in the areas of practice management, best practices, succession planning, along with product and sales support, will ultimately help you build a bigger, stronger business.

Ready to Grow Your Investment Business?

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Some of the additional resources that we have assembled over and above the resources that you would enjoy with Cambridge are in the areas of:


Our nearly 150 financial advisors enjoy weekly conference calls and annual branch meetings along with the influence and camaraderie that comes with being one of the largest branches within Cambridge. Our financial advisors also have access to branch-directed advisory model portfolios, supported by an investment policy committee of their peers.

Life Brokerage General Agency

As a LIBRA partner, our brokerage general agency offers favorable access to the nation’s top life carriers at extremely competitive payouts. To enhance this, we credit production within this line of business at 1.5 times the commissionable premium to determine the payout on securities business.

Qualified Plans

Our organization oversees nearly 400 Qualified Plans, and through this line of business, we can assist you with proposal generation, plan expertise, and point of sale assistance. We also have a fully staffed Third Party Administration area that can assist you and the employers you work with in their Qualified Plan Administration.

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