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Resources & Guides Designed With You and Your Clients In Mind.

The needs of individual’s are constantly changing. Yet, most advisors do not accommodate these changes because of their difficult subject matter. However, asking the challenging questions and utilizing our resources and training, you can enhance your relationship with your client, better plan for their changing needs, and position yourself as the trusted advisor.

Our client’s needs are shifting from income protection life insurance to more asset protection long-term care. Statistics say that at ages 65 and older, there’s a 50% chance that an individual will need some form of nursing home, home health care, or assisted living protection. We recommend asking your clients two basic questions: “How would assisted care affect your family?” and “If you do need care, how will you pay for it?”. Using our SPOT- Asset Based Long-Term Care strategy can better prepare your clients for their future.

Oftentimes, advisors are posed with the question, “How much life insurance should an individual have?” Typically, it is suggested that an individual should have 10 times their income set aside to cover debts, webinars, etc. But, relying solely on this estimate can leave your clients under covered and/or under protected. At Duncan Advisor Resources, our goal is to help you make educated decisions when presenting life insurance options, with tools and resources such as these.

When is the last time anyone asked your client if their loved ones would be okay, financially, if something were to happen to them or their business? Life insurance policy ownership is at an all-time low, but not for lack of interest. It is because clients have not been asked to consider this question. We encourage that you ask your clients to consider these questions and creating a plan for a financially secure future with Duncan Advisor Resources.

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