Welcome to the new DWA website

Welcome to the new Duncan Walsh Advisors website!  You are joining a growing number of independent advisors who are asking more of their branch office relationships  In addition to all of the other benefits that Duncan Advisor Resources provides, DWA is your solution for outsourcing your portfolio management processes.

David Duncan, CFP and Tom Walsh, CFA have been providing portfolio management services to their clients for over 35 years.  In 2013 they formalized their processes and created the DWA Models.  As you will learn, they have 14 models to provide a wide variety of options  to the portfolio management process.

Dave & Tom lead a 16 person Investment Policy Committee at DAR that averages 18 years each in the securities business.  The IPC meets weekly to review macro economic data and do initial and ongoing  due diligence on the securities that comprised their models.

Although our independent advisors have total freedom to chose whatever
Cambridge approved  Third Party Money Managers they want, we believe the time tested, disciplined process that DWA employs to select securities and they fact that Dave, Tom and the rest of the IPC manage client money themselves sets them apart from the other options.