Winter Isn’t Totally Full of Holiday Cheer

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December 4, 2012
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December 19, 2012

Winter Isn’t Totally Full of Holiday Cheer

With winter soon to come into full swing, temperatures will continue to drop and weather will continue to become harsh. Though this does signal the beginning of the Holiday season, its also a signal for potential dangers to you and your loved ones. Both your home and your vehicle require extra attention when the weather beings to change.

Your car is your daily source of transportation and you can’t afford to be without it.  Make sure battery, brakes, and all fluids are properly maintained. Try to keep your tank partially filled to help prevent damage from freezing. Be sure to know the difference, that without anti lock brakes, a pumping motion of the pedal is used to stop progress in poor road conditions, whereas with anti lock brakes, slamming on the breaks is what puts the system into action.

When your not traveling in your car, a lot of time will be spent in your own home. Winterizing your home is a good practice, that not only makes your home safer but can save you money. Make sure walls, attics, doors, and windows are properly insulated to cut down on heating and energy costs. Keep fire extinguishers handy to deal with those potential kitchen disasters. And know how to shut your water off in case of possible pipe bursts.

All the preparation in the world can be done but that doesn’t mean that all crisis can be avoided. That’s why the best protection against the winter weather is good insurance. Reliability and fast service are necessary to keep up with all the demands this time of year. Take a little bit of stress out of the season by calling Duncan Financial Group at 724-863-3240.