Why Choose Duncan?

At Duncan Advisor Resources, we see our job as much greater than simply compliance oversight. We focus on offering advisors access to a truly unique organization and resource both within Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. and the independent advisor/broker-dealer marketplace. While all financial advisors render similar services, how these services are provided, what added value is offered to you and your business prospects and at what price, can be game-changers. Differences that ultimately drive your success in the industry. Through a commitment to excellence, sustainable partnerships, and camaraderie, we have grown a dynamic group of outstanding representatives and advisors who listened to our story, made it their own, and partnered with Duncan Advisor Resources to achieve their vision.

Driven By Mutual Success

When our partners and advisors succeed, we succeed. As a prosperous third-generation family-owned business, our years of success are driven by the development of partnerships with like-minded advisors, carriers, and vendors. These business relationships allow us focus on building long-term, constructive connections, anchored in mutual understanding and a common vision. As an advisor in our branch, or working with our brokerage team, you receive the benefit of alliances built on years of collaboration, trust, and mutual respect.

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Independence Without Isolation

As an independent financial advisor and solo practitioner, your work life can feel secluded. However, alternatives such as affiliating with a large Broker-Dealer can often seem daunting. To combat these feelings, we stand by our motto of “independence without isolation.” Our nearly 130 financial advisors enjoy freedom in their business decisions, while also benefitting from the influence and camaraderie that comes with being one of the largest branches within Cambridge Investment Research. We offer our advisors tools to assist their sales efforts and resources to remain up-to-date with industry trends. As an affiliated advisor, you receive access to weekly conference calls and annual meetings, providing: guidance through the ever-changing industry, recommended best practices to develop in your profession, and opportunities to collaborate with other skilled and knowledgeable advisors.

Experience, Not Theory

Built years of success with our financial advisors, we focus on experience rather than just theory. Our advisors benefit from a commitment to hard work and professional development demonstrated by our team of seasoned professionals. Each member of our management team has their own book of business, allowing them to provide guidance, based on current industry experience, in the areas of: practice management, best practices, succession planning, together with product and sales support. Our commitment to your success, extends beyond our management team. Duncan Advisor Resources also provides access to branch-directed advisory model portfolios, supported by an investment policy committee of their peers. Ultimately, helping you build a stronger, smarter business.