The Insurance Geek™ on Motorcycle Injuries:

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January 27, 2012
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The Insurance Geek™ on Motorcycle Injuries:

Biker at rally“Mr. Dodge,”

“I am a 50-something whose kids are grown and whose wife has no more objections to my buying a Harley. I read one of your columns in your blog about the young bike rider and his attempts to get to his parents underinsured coverage. I live in Pennsylvania. I know that I cannot get motorcycle Personal Injury Protection coverage in case I get hurt, but am I correct in saying that I can go after my Supplemental Uninsured Motorists coverage if I exhaust the other driver’s liability coverage? I know it sounds morbid, but in my younger days I had a bike and was hit a couple times by idiots that couldn’t see stop signs. Thanks for your help.”

Here is the response:

“Not morbid at all; people need to think about these things. If the at-fault driver’s liability insurance is exhausted by your medical bills, you should be able to collect benefits under the SUM coverage on your bike. So, if your medical bills are $250,000 and the driver who hits you only bought $50,000 in bodily injury liability insurance, the SUM coverage on your bike should pick up the amount over $50,000, subject to the amount of SUM coverage you bought. If you bought $100,000, that’s the most it will pay.”

For more information on how to obtain coverage for injuries sustained while operating your Motorcycle contact Duncan Financial Group today.

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