Erin Mazur

Brokerage Assistant

Erin moved to Pittsburgh in 1998 from Lebanon, Pa and has received an Associate Degree in Science from CCAC.
Erin began working in the Human Service field in 1997 and has worked with adults and children over the years. She has assisted in different areas in their lives; helped them in their homes, their employment, and their programming with attainable goals.
In 2019, she left the Human Service field and began a career in Medical Billing.
While there, she created a call center department for the company with 6 staff and 5 customers that did Medical Billing for DME and where patients would call in and we would assist them with their health insurance questions and billing.
In her spare time Erin enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors, enjoying her grandson. She looks forward to learning and working on the BGA team.