Holiday Travel Survival Guide from DFG

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December 21, 2011
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December 25, 2011

Holiday Travel Survival Guide from DFG

Holiday traveling has always been a feat to conquer, almost everyone does it (at least it seems that way) and almost everyone comes across the same frustrations with taking part in conquering this task. The tips listed below will help you and your monsters- I mean kids and significant other get through the holiday traveling traffic. We want to make your holiday traveling as pain free as possible. Here are some tips to keep the holiday frenzy to a low frizz.



  1. Eat something light and healthy before you go. It’s not good for your body to skip meals. in case you get stuck in traffic (odds are that you will, as AAA has been reporting that with fewer people traveling by air, that leaves more people taking to the highways), pack the car with bottles of water and healthy snacks. This helps keep everybody’s blood sugar up and keep grumpies at bay.
  2. Take rest stops. Yes, the natural urge is to just keep driving until you get there, but everyone will be happier if you get out every 45 minutes or so for a little walk and stretch break. If possible, refill your water bottles. And urge the kids to use the restrooms. You don’t know when you might be stopping again.
  3. Try playing a traffic game try a game that will captivate everyone’s attention or, if they like music, sing along with the radio. You may want to bring one of their favorite CDs, just in case.

A little extra relief tip for yourself this holiday season is purchasing an auto policy from Duncan Financial Group that will keep your nerves at ease with all the hustle and bustle going on this holiday season. Already have an auto policy? Review it and make sure all your needs are still being met Duncan Financial can help you review your policies and find out what you may be missing.

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