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Trust Duncan Financial with your Personal Insurance

Duncan Insurance Group offers a variety of products to help protect your family from risks to life, health, home and property—a single resource to assist you in managing it all strategically, intelligently and economically.


Would you shop at a grocery store that offered only one brand of cereal? Likely not. So why would you shop for your insurance that way? Our seasoned professionals are ready to find you the best coverage, at the best rates. We are local, independent agents with over 125 years of industry experience and longevity within our agency.

We represent 40+ insurance companies offering affordable rates and quality coverages…let us do the shopping for YOU!

Auto Insurance


We are dedicated to offering you a smooth ride when it comes to choosing auto insurance. We offer complete and competitive rate plans for every type of vehicle, including personal, recreational and commercial as well as classic car insurance for antiques, muscle cars and street rods. Learn how we can save you money, protect your assets, and let you drive off knowing we’ve got you covered.

Medicare & Individual Health

Medicare Services

We offer a variety of Medicare products to help you navigate the obstacles of the Medicare system, including: Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans and Part D Prescription Drug Plans. There are several periods when you can enroll in Medicare, and each of those has certain rules around applying and when your coverage will begin. Understanding when you can enroll and the best time to do so is an integral part of getting your Medicare. Let us help you through the complexities.

Individual Health Insurance

Obtaining health care insurance has never been more complex. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the best health coverage to meet your personal needs and your budget. Our experienced insurance advisors will assist in estimating the overall risk of health care expenses for your business and family.


Homeowners/Condo/Renters Insurance


Your home is one of the most important assets you will ever acquire. It is more critical than ever to be fully protected. Our experienced insurance advisors offer the best rates, guidance and coverage—all under one roof. We will work closely with you to choose the right coverage for your home, condo, or rental property.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a must to help you prepare for life’s contingencies, whether your commitments involve mortgage protection, coverage for dependents, or college funding. Our team offers every customer a detailed plan to help you decide which type of life insurance is best, such as Term Insurance, Universal Life Insurance and Survivorship Universal Life Insurance.

Personal Umbrella Policies

You’ve worked long and hard to get to where you are today. You own a home and a variety of personal possessions, some of which may have been expensive. And, you and your family have a car or two, or maybe even three. But, if you aren’t protected by a Personal Umbrella Policy, everything you’ve worked for could be at risk because of a single accident or lawsuit. We can provide you with the specialized coverage you need at a rate that you can easily afford.