DFG Tips To Keep You & Your Guests Safe This Holiday Season

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December 7, 2011
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DFG Tips To Keep You & Your Guests Safe This Holiday Season

You May Be Thinking:

I’m hosting a party and I’m concerned about my guests drinking and driving. What can I do to reduce the risk?

Home hosts have a duty to serve alcohol responsibly and conscientiously. They need to ensure see intoxicated guests do not get behind the wheel of a car, creating a risk of harm to themselves and others on the road. Follow these tips to ensure safety when serving alcohol at your next party:

• Serve alcoholic drinks only upon request, and offer non-alcoholic beverages such as sparkling water, fancy juice drinks and soft drinks.

• Avoid making alcohol the main focus of the social event. Entertain guests with music, games and dancing.

• Always serve food when serving alcohol. High-protein foods such as meat and cheeses take longer to digest, slowing the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. However, try not to serve salty foods, which make people thirsty and inclined to drink more.

• Be careful not to serve alcohol to minors. Limit access to the bar if minors are on the guest list, and verify the ages of young guests before serving them.

Remember this holiday season the first rule of having a happy holiday, keep your friends and family safe! Duncan Financial Group knows how important protecting the ones you love. Please visit our website, and find out about events we have for you this Holiday season.